Get Access to the Adidas Employee Store by Donating Supplies

adidas_back_school_donation_eblast_2014If you need some new high quality athletic gear that won’t break your bank then you’re in luck! Even though access to the Adidas Employee Store is hard to come by since only Adidas employees and folks with the coveted passes can shop there, there’s now a easy way to get in! Throughout the KGW School Supply Drive, the Adidas Employee Store is accepting school supply donations as “passes” to enter into the store and shop! The Adidas Employee Store features discounted prices, many at 50% off or more!


So many people have been taking advantage of this great opportunity that our Free Store Coordinator, Barb Burwell recently had to stop by with the Pencil Pete van to collect five bins full of new supplies! There are only a couple more weeks of the KGW Supply Drive so make sure to stop by with school supplies before the end of August! The Adidas Employee Store is located at 5055 N Greeley Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217

See our full list of school supply collections sites here.

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