Free Store Interview: Peter Rossing

Peter-RossingThroughout the month of April, we’re partnering with Bank of America to Stock Our Shelves. In honor of that, we’re inviting some of our most passionate teachers, volunteers, and supporters to talk about school, supplies, and some of the key areas in our Free Store: “Basics,” “Math and Science,” “Reading and Writing,” and “Arts.” This week, we’re talking about art supplies and favorite memories with Peter Rossing from Muse Art and Design. Through Muse, Peter runs An Artist A Day, an art show and fundraiser (running this month!) where artists create pieces daily, and the results are auctioned off to benefit Schoolhouse Supplies.

How did you first connect with Schoolhouse Supplies, and what inspires you to stay involved?
Six or seven years ago, artist Ryan Dobrowski had a show across the street at Common Grounds Coffeehouse.  He had something like 200 small pieces that he sold, then donated proceeds to Schoolhouse Supplies.  He asked if he could buy art supplies at cost through Muse to donate.  I saw how many students and teachers were impacted by that one donation and thought it would be great to create an event that could keep replenishing the art-supply aisle at Schoolhouse Supplies.

What’s your go-to pen and notebook?
I like the Pentel Hybrid Technica for writing and drawing.  It’s a super-fine-line rollerball with black gel ink, so the point never wears down and it has a really smooth feel .  Every new sketchbook is my favorite.  Like most artists, I constantly start new ones that never get filled up!

Do you have a favorite school/classroom/teacher memory from childhood?
In second grade at Ventura Park Elementary School in SE Portland, Mrs. Palmer had us write a poem and draw a picture to go with it every morning.  There were bulletin boards along the length of the hallway outside each classroom where she posted our daily creations.  At 7 years old, it made me feel like a real writer and artist.  We used that paper with wide-spaced lines at the bottom and a blank space at the top.  I still love to recommend pads of that “Story-Draw” paper to customers at Muse!

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