Free Store Interview: Mother’s Day Edition

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re talking with one of our favorite moms for the Free Store Interview. Stacey Messina is a mother to one-year-old Henry and an artist, and generously donated an original drawing and a gift certificate to our Teacher Appreciation Raffle.

SLG_5144_smWho is a teacher who inspired you creatively as a child, and how?
My art teacher Mrs. Lemak inspired me to unleash my talent in so many mediums. Her classroom was like an art store: charcoals, watercolors, acyrlic paints, clay, plasters, chicken wire… all types of paper to doodle on.  My favorite time in her classroom was decorating our school christmas tree for “Christmas in the Park,” which was a friendly school competition in downtown San Jose. We would come up with the most elaborate themes like “Carousel Tree.” It was amazing.  She helped us create 3D lifesize carousel horses surrounding the tree.  She really showed me that any creative idea can become realized.

What was your favorite school supply as a student, and why?
There is something wonderful about the smell of Crayola scented markers. Yum. I have always loved to color and markers were my favorite because they were so bold!  Sometimes  I would pry open the end of the markers and snip off a piece of the felt insert to put into an Elmers Glue bottle.  I would let it sit in my top opening desk and shake it up everyday.  Eventually it made colored GLUE!  Too cool!

What inspires you to want to support Schoolhouse Supplies?
If there is anything I can do to help kids out I want to do it. It’s so incredible that a simple supply donation helps kids feel good about themselves and get excited about learning. To this day, picking out my new art supplies is so much fun and inspires my art. Nothing is better than a fresh pack of pencils that need a good sharpening.  Cheers to creating and the supplies that make it all happen.

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