Free Store for Teachers is now OPEN!


photophoto (1)Our Free Store for Teachers has officially opened for the school year! We opened at 1 pm on Tuesday and were amazed by the turnout. With more than 30 teachers lined up before the doors opened, the store brought

233 teachers in to shop on our very first shopping day of the school year. The next day we welcomed an additional 236 shoppers which  is a grand total of 469 teachers.  We are thrilled to be able to serve so many teachers throughout the school year by providing the supplies they need. In fact, within our first two days of opening, teachers walked away with 10,352 pencils and 2,990 books!

Although the Free Store offers a diverse plethora of supplies for teachers, there is always a need for art supplies. This year we are especially grateful to receive support from Bank of America to launch the Stock Our Art Shelves campaign. Recognizing the importance of art in child development and education, Bank of America has generously enabled us to Stock Our Art Shelves full of essential art supplies to encourage art and creativity in school.

Teachers, check out our 2014-2014 shopping calendar to see when you are able to shop our Free Store! Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page to get all the latest news on inventory and news regarding the Free Store! Additionally, please sign up for our newsletter by clicking here to ensure that you’re always in the loop for shopping reminders and inventory highlights!



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