Show Local Kids You Believe in Them and Double Your Impact

There is an alarming opportunity gap in our schools. Low income children and students of color disproportionately face barriers to academic achievement.  Schoolhouse Supplies works to remove a barrier to success by ensuring each student has the school supplies they need.

Access to school supplies equips kids with essential learning tools – bolsters their self-esteem – allows them to focus on learning – and shows them their community believes in their ability to achieve!

A local classroom teacher recently shared, “I strongly believe that providing materials – pencils, erasers, paper, etc. – for students removes a barrier for them.”

You can ERASE THE GAP. Please invest in local children with a financial contribution to Schoolhouse Supplies.

Thank YOU for joining us in the belief that all children have the right to learn and succeed.

Fortis Construction will generously match your gift of $25 or more to Schoolhouse Supplies this giving season. They will be matching up to $9,000 and are thrilled to join you to erase the gap for local students.

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