Donate in Honor of a Teacher

Donating to Schoolhouse Supplies is the perfect way to honor a special teacher in your life. Teachers play an incredibly important role in our lives, one that travels with us beyond our school years. They are a part of a vast support system that encourages each person to pursue their dreams. At Schoolhouse Supplies we are a part of a teacher’s support system; here to help provide them the tools they and their students need.

Your gift today will have a direct impact in our community and in the lives of children, families and teachers we serve—helping us to provide students with the tools they need and deserve to learn and achieve, and keeping local classrooms stocked for success. More than 90% of all donations support our core programs, the Free Store for Teachers and Tools for Schools. Your dollars go straight to where they’re needed most, to teachers and children throughout Portland.

Show a special teacher in your life how much you care by donating to Schoolhouse Supplies today!

Download one of our donation certificates below and let your teacher know about the special gift made in their honor.

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Giving Tuesday