With your generosity, we can provide students with the tools they need and deserve to learn and achieve. Your gift helps us keep local classrooms stocked for success. Nearly 90% of all donations support our programs. Your dollars go straight to where they’re needed most, to teachers and children.

Contribute Now!

If you prefer to donate by check, please address your envelope to

Schoolhouse Supplies – Donations
2735 NE 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97220

Special Ways of Giving

Monthly Sustainers

It’s easy and efficient. Donations can also be automatically deducted from your checking account. Predictable revenue allows Schoolhouse Supplies to anticipate and meet the needs of our students and teachers all year long.

Become a Monthly Sustainer

Planned Giving

By naming Schoolhouse Supplies in your will, you can create a legacy that will help children and classrooms in need for years to come. An estate planner or attorney can be very helpful in determining the best plan for you.

Contact us for more information.


Celebrity Spelling Bee

A *convivial evening of intelligent fun not to be missed! This annual event brings together our community of business leaders, education supporters, and friends of Schoolhouse Supplies for a one-of-a-kind event.

Save the Date: Thursday March 1, 2018 at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland

Contact us for more information.

con·viv·i·al [kuhn-viv-ee-uhl]


1. friendly; agreeable: a convivial atmosphere.

2. fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial.

3. of or befitting a feast; festive.


1660–70;  < Late Latin convīviālis  festal, equivalent to Latin convīvi ( um ) feast ( convīv ( ere ) to live together, dine together ( con- con- + vīvere  to live) + -ium -ium) + -ālis -al1