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Instagram_decipher_calculatorMost of us probably aren’t that great at math. In fact, it’s safe to say that most of us try to avoid the subject completely. But not Kristin Luck, President & CMO of Decipher, a marketing research and survey software company.Rather than cringe at the very sight of coded data or complicated equations, Kristin sees a story. “I had major math anxiety until I took my first statistics class and then it all magically clicked,” Luck shares. . “I realized that data was a story telling vehicle and I just totally fell in love with numbers. y. Not just a story about how individuals, events, or things come to be and interact with one another. But a narrative about our country’s fostering of numbers, and who’s required to understand them.

“I’m encouraged to see so much emphasis today on girls in STEM, because there just wasn’t that sort of focus when I was in school—if you weren’t good at math it wasn’t a surprise because “well, girls aren’t good at math.” Thanks to increasing focus in the area of to programs such as STEM— curriculum designed to develop talents in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—we are seeing a growing emphasis being placed on the universal understanding of numbers, and much more. According to the Portland Metro Stem Partnership,“A STEM education is important for all students: a high-quality STEM education is essential to ensure that future Oregonians are able to understand complex systems, evaluate new knowledge, and make informed decisions that keep our democracy vital and functioning. Learn more about the case for Stem in Oregon here:

That’s why during the night of our Celebrity Spelling Bee, Kristin’s company Decipher donated to the high-needs technology section of our Free Store for Teachers, allowing us to stock our shelves with brand new calculators. Thank you, Decipher!

Come to our Free Store for Teachers and grab free calculators for your students today! Limit 2 per teacher.

Want to learn more about STEM in Oregon? Learn more here

Inspired by this story, and your own love of technology? Consider a donation of any amount to help support the Free Store for Teachers today.

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