Cleaning up and giving it to teachers!

It’s almost offically summer in Portland, with July 4 only a day away, and thoughts are turning to all those long summer days and how to fill them.  Perhaps one checkmark on the to-do list for the dog days ahead is cleaning out the office, garage or closet.  If you’re finding yourself with armfuls of paper, pencils or glue sticks you can’t use, think of us at Schoolhouse Supplies, where your old supplies can make a teacher’s day.

We rely on generous in-kind donations from individuals and businesses to keep our Free Store for Teachers stocked. All donations are tax-deductible and make a real impact in classrooms in need right here in Portland. You can donate new or gently-used school, office and art supplies Monday through Friday at our warehouse located below Madison High School on NE 82nd Ave right off I-84. And we’d love to give you a tour of our Free Store while your here, so you can see just how your donation will make it into the hands of those teachers and students. 

If you’re a business and about to thow that old letterhead out, don’t!. We’ll turn it into sketchbooks for the next Van Gogh and give your old supplies a new life. Challenge your business to join the re-use movement and donate your gently used supplies to us. We’ll even send a Pick Up Partner out to pick up your donation at your business if you can;t make it out to us.

For a list of what we accept, when we are open and where to drop off your supplies visit   And enjoy the most beautiful two months of Portland’s summer!

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  1. Rob Winike

    Just a reminder to all those hosting garage and estate sales: when the sale is over, check to see if you have anything you could donate to Schoolhouse. Sometimes teachers use small items as incentives and rewards — anything a kid would think is “cool,” or “awesome” could be just the thing that would spark his or her day. If you have questions about whether your item(s) would be appropriate for an incentive, just call and ask a Schoolhouse representative.


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