City Sprint: Helping Us Towards The Finish Line

One of the best things about being based in Portland is seeing the wonderful support that we receive from our local business community. Frequently companies large and small go out their way to donate, volunteer, host a supply drive and help out Schoolhouse Supplies in many unique ways. This summer, a new partner stepped up and made our lives at Schoolhouse a lot easier: City Sprint.  This local delivery company, which offers logistics, warehouse, courier & distribution solutions, went above and beyond to save the day and ensure that we could keep up our mission of giving students and teachers free classroom supplies. 

As this September rolled around and we reached the end of of our school supply drive, our warehouse was bursting at its seams as pallets and boxes of donations arrived at our Free Store and warehouse located on NE 82nd Avenue in the basement of Madison High School’s gymnasium. With our Free Store for Teachers days away from opening, and piles of donated supplies stretching our capacity for storage, we put the word out that we needed help. Fortunately,  through one of our stellar Board of Director members, Valerie Jenkins of Grainger, a connection to City Sprint was made.  Generously, City Sprint volunteered to come pick up and store ten entire pallets of teacher resource materials. That’s over 200 boxes full of lessons plan, reference books, manipulatives, games and puzzles!

“It really gave our warehouse breathing room.” recalled Schoolhouse Supplies’ Operations Manager Bo Bullock, who is tasked with finding space in the warehouse for the multitudes of donations that come in over back to school season.  Not only did City Sprint safely store the materials but they delivered them back to Schoolhouse Supplies last week, just in time for a crew of volunteer teachers to began the task of going through each box and assessing what materials will end up on the Free Store shelves.

As those resources return to the the shopping carts and classrooms of teachers who will use them every day, we want to recognize City Sprint.for being such an amazing and helpful supporter  From all of us at here Schoolhouse Supplies: Thank You!
If your business would like be involved with Schoolhouse Supplies email us at or call us at 503-249-9933





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