Behind the Scenes on Computer Screens

August 17, 2016

There is a group of Schoolhouse volunteers that you rarely see and maybe don’t even know about. We wanted to shine the spotlight on some of our key data entry volunteers so you can learn about them and the great work they do.

Data entry volunteers input all of our inventory information into an online database. This info helps us comply with and report to the IRS. The data also allows us to determine the value of school supplies we’ve given away and track trends about who is receiving what kinds of supplies. All of this helps us apply for grant money, see what supplies we are most in need of, and help plan for the future.

Data entry volunteers can do this important work from anywhere! Some choose to volunteer in pajamas on their coach and others from hotel rooms on business trips. The convenience and flexibility of this task is what draws many of our volunteers to the job, yet others just find it relaxing and fun. Whatever the motivation, we appreciate our data entry volunteers. Here are a few we’d like to introduce you to

Heather Stone

20160817_14162410 years with Schoolhouse Supplies
Hobbies: stamp collections, exercise, family time
Favorite school supply: she just couldn’t decide!
Why volunteer with Schoolhouse? Heather wants to see that all kids have the supplies to help their education no matter how rich or poor they are.


Theresa Sivelle

Theresa web readyVolunteering with Schoolhouse Supplies: 8 years
Hobbies: hiking, geocaching, biking and reading
Favorite school supply: erasers
Why volunteer with Schoolhouse? Theresa wants to contribute to future generations and believes children deserve the best education possible, which includes having supplies they need. She also thinks that teachers aren’t paid enough and knows they are dedicated and spend limited resources on their classrooms

Chantel Marks

data entry volunteer Chantel Marks (2) web readyVolunteering with Schoolhouse Supplies: 1 year
Hobbies: crocheting and knitting
Favorite school supply: journals
Why volunteer with Schoolhouse? The mission of Schoolhouse Supplies resounded with Chantel and she wanted to get more involved.


Sherrie Reid

data entry volunteer Sherrie Reid web readyVolunteering with Schoolhouse Supplies: 1 year
Hobbies: sewing and volunteering with her church
Favorite school supply: spiral notebooks and composition books
Why volunteer with Schoolhouse? Sherrie came with her daughter to a work volunteer event at Schoolhouse Supplies and decided she wanted to come back for more.


Volunteer Spotlight: BG

January 10, 2015

In a recent blog, we mentioned that we have logged 84,497 volunteer hours since 2000. All the resources that Schoolhouse Supplies provides to teachers and students would not be possible without the help from our dedicated volunteers.

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April 15, 2013

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