Strategic Planning Consultant Sought

February 13, 2018

Strategic Planning and Assessment Consultant

Schoolhouse Supplies seeks a Strategic Planning and Assessment Consultant to guide the final approximately 12 months of our “Three Year Pilot to Increase Impact.”  We have a vision, a plan and a lot of data, but we need more data and insights and someone to drive this plan to a successful completion (not that we think Strategic Plan ever ends!)

The ideal contractor will have deep expertise in the measurement and analysis of impact.  We expect the Consultant will be responsible for the following activities, although you tell us – we’re looking for expertise!

Lead us to successfully achieve the goals and outcomes of the current strategic plan

With a designated staff lead, document process and outcomes; develop and maintain planning documentation

Develop and in some cases facilitate additional/continued stakeholder engagement activities (staff will also facilitate)

Assemble existing school, district and internal statistics and demographic data

Conduct or work with external consultant to conduct literature/research review

Identify potential criteria for prioritization of services

Identify key metrics to measure impact; create measurement tools

Work with key stakeholders to analyze results to inform program planning

To Apply

We anticipate this is a 12 month project, approximately 8 – 40 hours per month.  Please email your materials or an introduction to and be sure to include your last name/business name and position title (OK to abbreviate) in the subject line.  Please indicate whether you are interested in a consulting contract or temporary staff position and what your fee/wage expectation is.  Pro-bono offers welcome.

Strategic Plan Description

Deepening the impact of the Free Store for Teachers and all of our programs is a focused priority for Schoolhouse Supplies.

The Free Store for Teachers is the largest Schoolhouse Supplies (SHS) program and the primary means by which we distribute free school supplies ($1.5M annually.) The Free Store opens during the school year and each eligible school is assigned multiple shopping weeks throughout the year. Teachers take school supplies back to the classroom for their students. The program aims to ensure that economically-disadvantaged schoolchildren have the supplies necessary for successful learning. The primary goal is to reduce disparities in educational achievement and attainment by improving learning readiness.

To further this goal, in 2016, SHS launched its current strategic plan, the “Three Year Pilot to Increase Impact” and successfully expanded the Free Store service area for the first time ever. In addition to historical partner Portland Public Schools (PPS) and its nearly 120 schools, programs and Head Starts and 50,000 students, the Free Store now serves high-need school districts Parkrose and David Douglas and their 20 schools and 15,000 students. For the current 2017-18 school year, we adjusted the program model to favor schools with the highest percentage of economically disadvantaged students, while expanding outreach to newly added school districts and conducting robust stakeholder engagement to determine the best way to increase the number of low-income children served.

The upcoming 2018-19 school year is year three of the plan, with the continued objectives to serve more low-income students and to build the capacity of the Free Store program to do this.  This will include implementation of a new program service model currently being developed through significant stakeholder engagement, continued stakeholder engagement, and ideally expansion into additional school districts. One intended outcome of this project’s stakeholder engagement efforts is to determine what schools, districts or neighborhoods we should prioritize for services.  Importantly, we will continue to serve existing partner schools that have the highest percentages of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch.


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