14,233 Happy Smiles

August 14, 2012

Over the month of August a series of remarkable events are taking place at Schoolhouse Supplies. With the help of 28 generous business sponsors, the Schoolhouse Supplies Tools for Schools backpack giveaway program is packing 14,233 backpacks to give to students this fall.  The Tools for Schools program partners local businesses with high-need schools, where over 65% of students live at or below the poverty line. Every single kid in those schools will receive a backpack, regardless of income level, so that every child starts on a level playing field.  Tools for Schools mobilizes over 550 company volunteers to help pack by hand this tremendous gift to the community.

It’s a grand sight, as each company’s excited volunteers arrive at our packing tables, laden with pencil pouches, crayons, scissors, notebooks, erasers and a wondrous array of school necessities. (more…)