The Free Store for Teachers – Open For Business

September 21, 2012

We prepped all summer for this. We’ve gathered supplies from the farthest reaches of here and yon all over the metro area over the last few months. We’ve seen the blue bins come in overflowing and volunteers’ cars filled to the brim pull up outside. We’ve had volunteers sort & stack, check & tally and bundle & stock for months. And now, we are ready.

The Schoolhouse Supplies Free Store for Teachers opened its doors for the season last week on September 11th, and with it came the familiar sounds of shopping carts being loaded throughout our hallowed halls. This volunteer-run store which is open to all 3,000 teachers in the Portland Public Schools, including charter and alternative schools and our voucher shoppers, the store saw almost 400 shoppers in the first week alone. But thanks to our trusty volunteers, the shelves are restocked daily with supplies so that every educator has a chance to fill their carts. Our store has seen over 38,000 shopping trips in the 13 years of its existence, a testament to the need that exists and to the dedication of the volunteers who run it. (more…)

Schoolhouse Supplies Wins A Telly!

June 8, 2012

Filmmaker Zach Putnam, who produced and directed our latest Schoolhouse Supplies video which premiered at our 2012 Celebrity Spelling Bee, has won a Telly! Congratulations to Zach and thank you again for the wonderful job letting people know about Schoolhouse… Read more »

Hack for Portland Schools Saturday!

May 31, 2012

This Saturday something remarkable is going to take place here in PDX with Hack for Portland’s Schools, where teams of coders, designers and UI geeks will try to use the might of technology to connect Portland’s public schools with neighborhoods… Read more »