Meet the Spellers: Andy McVay, Winemaker at Dobbes Family Estate

February 7, 2018

Andy knows first-hand how invaluable a teacher’s influence can be. Both his parents, wife and mother-in-law are from academia, teachers all. While in college Andy was a struggling Biology major at OSU, doing ok in Biology and Physics, but failing Organic Chemistry and calculus. His Academic Advisor said his grades showed he wouldn’t be a successful science major and he recommended that he change majors. Andy felt the advisor was wrong. Andy took stock of what was important to him. His Mom came from a farming family and both parents raised Andy and his five siblings to value working with their hands and the earth. Andy’s love of science has always helped him understand the world, yet agriculture and science felt hollow without an artistic interpretation. Winemaking embraces art, science and agriculture and Andy found them to be the three pillars to support his passion. He changed majors to Food and Fermentation Science, found an advisor who supported him, and started to succeed. With the right direction, Andy excelled in school and graduated in 2003. He began work in the wine industry 15 years ago, working his way up in the winery cellar and lab to Dobbes Family Estate’s Associate Winemaker and ultimately it’s Winemaker. Winemaking has proved to be Andy’s passion, and it’s attributable to the influence and support from a teacher – and for that, he is forever grateful.
As are we – Cheers!