The Stumptown 40 to Benefit Schoolhouse Supplies!

March 20, 2013

Kit photo courtesy of Stumptown 40.

On May 22nd, fleets of small wooden boxes on wheels will be racing down the bar tables of NE Portland, not just for fun and games. We’re thrilled to officially announce that this year’s Stumptown 40 adult derby race will benefit Schoolhouse Supplies!

The Stumptown 40 began in 2009 with 38 racers at the Kennedy School. In the words of founder Ryan Parr “The Stumptown 40 benefit event was born from this idea of youthfulness, fun and creativity.  I remember whittling wood with my father, surrounded by saw dust, sanding axels to produce the fastest Pinewood car for the upcoming Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby. We wanted to bring back the race for those who remember Pinewood’s and for those who were not fortunate to participate.”

Although the race is based on the pinewood derby, an event put on by the Boy Scouts of America, the adults who race in the Portland version are some of Portland’s finest creative and technology minds. Parr remembers, in the first year, “a car that could tweet messages to its opponent as it raced down the track. The car’s owner had brought in it’s own speaker system for each tweet to be audible. It was magical.”

This is the race’s 4th year. It will feature 100 cars, made by some of Portland’s most well known designers.  If turning your very own block of wood into a work of art on wheels sounds like just what you’re looking for, please let us know. We will even cover the registration fee for a Schoolhouse Supplies-themed car. Contact Caitlin by April 1st if you’re interested in representing us!

Even if you’re not racing, we hope to see you at the Spirit of 77 bar at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 22nd and help us spread the word!