The Official Post Bee Report

February 4, 2014

14BEE_rush_04Well the words have all been spelt. Donations of generous proportions have been made. And a champion, re-crowned. Our OnPoint Community Credit Union presented by Comcast is officially over. And as the confetti finally begins to settle, it’s now time for us to take a look back and review some of the evening’s highlights, as well as it’s extraordinary outcome.

Perhaps one of the biggest stories to come out of Thursday night was that of the performance of our boy over at NewChannel 8, Reggie Aqui. The now three-year vet of the Spelling Bee entered the contest having always been one of the first spellers out. But this year, Aqui stepped up his game. Sometimes it was skill and clarity. Other times it was pure luck. But despite openly admitting to the crowd that he hadn’t studied any of the vocab terms, Aqui managed to become one of the final three spellers before he had to “go do the news,” and finally got knocked out of the contest – not bad for a guy who, “didn’t study.” But what can we say, the man’s got humility. Nicely done, Reggie. (more…)