The Boeing Boys


It’s a Tuesday morning at Schoolhouse Supplies and that means the Boeing Boys are in the house and the building is alive with the sounds of carts being pulled, hammers tapping and supplies being sorted and stacked. The Boeing Boys, ranging in age from 74 – 89 years young, is a group of retired Boeing engineers who are some of the longest serving Schoolhouse Supplies volunteers, coming in every week since the inception of Schoolhouse more than a dozen years ago.  Need something fixed, perhaps the Teacher Appreciation Wheel made to work flawlessly or some hooks hung in hurry? These are your guys (Not to mention they usually bring some of the most delicious homemade snacks to share at the coffee break!).

All of us at Schoolhouse Supplies look forward to Tuesdays to hear the jokes, the history and dedication that the Boeing Boys lend to our mission. With a twinkle in their eyes, some with canes in hand, they are efficient, ebullient, and energizing to anyone who happens to cross paths with them.

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