Bank of America Spotlight: Abby Rippy

Throughout the month of April, we’re partnering with Bank of America to Stock Our Shelves. We’ll be featuring Bank of America employees, talking about school, supplies, and some of the key areas in our Free Store: “Basics,” “Math and Science,” “Reading and Writing,” and “Arts.” Read on, then head on over to Stock Our Shelves to donate and learn more.

BoA-Abby-RippyWhat’s your name and role at Bank of America?
Abby Rippy, Home Loans Support Services Specialist.

If you went to school locally, which schools did you go to?
St. John the Apostle for K-8 and La Salle High School.

What do you love about school supplies?
I love the variety and how much you can show your personality through them – I wore uniforms in grade school, so school supplies gave me a chance to have something unique! Showing my personality through a fun binder or colored notebooks made me feel like I could stand out.

What was your favorite subject in school, and how does it (or doesn’t it) relate to what you do today?
I always loved math because the answers were very black and white and required no explanation – even though it can be difficult, to me, math was the most simple subject. Now that I work at a bank, I use math constantly when I’m processing loan amounts, interest rates, debt ratios, etc.

If one teacher from your childhood visited you at work today, who would put the biggest smile on your face, and why?
My middle school Spanish teacher really stood out to me. I didn’t know at the time how many doors learning another language would open for me, but I’ve been able to travel, study, and volunteer all over the world because she got me interested in Spanish at a young age. I’d love the opportunity to tell her how much her work has made a difference in my life.

What’s the one school supply you simply couldn’t live without when you were in school?
Highlighters! I’m a color-coding maniac and having a pack of highlighters (I’m going to need at least 5 colors) totally saved me when I was studying.

If we gave you a blank spiral notebook and a pack of colored pencils, how would you fill the pages?
With words! I was never much of a visual artist, but I find so much peace in writing. Especially when I travel, having a notebook or journal is always a must. Being able to take time to reflect in writing on life and my experiences reveals so much more than any stick-figure drawing I could do!


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