Bank of America Continues Its Generous Support of Free Store Art Aisle

Monique Barton, Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and Jessica Hewitt, Vice President at Bank of America, present Schoolhouse Supplies with a $15,000 grant for the Free Store for Teachers Art Aisle

Schoolhouse Supplies is pleased to announce that Bank of America will continue their support of the Art Aisle through a generous $15,000 grant. Bank of America’s leadership and support has encouraged the community to follow their example and provide financial and in-kind support for the Art Aisle. Numerous businesses and organizations joined them and helped put high quality creative products in the hands of local students throughout the 2015-16 school year. Schoolhouse Supplies is excited to build on this success in 2016-17 and is grateful to for the opportunity to do so.

The original Art Aisle resulted from feedback from teachers that in the struggle to equip schools with even basic supplies, materials for art education often were not available. Meanwhile, study after study demonstrate the strong ties between arts education and academic achievement in school-age children. Schoolhouse Supplies’ Free Store filled that gap over the years, when art supplies were available. But the Bank of the America Art Aisle provides a focus on art supplies and serves as a catalyst for the community to keep the Art Aisle stocked.

We are grateful to Bank of America for their support of this important part of The Free Store for Teachers. Thank you!

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