Our Mission


Mission and Vision

Since opening our doors in 1999, the Schoolhouse Supplies mission remains the same: to support public education in the Portland area by providing free school supplies to students in need.  We do this because we believe that every child deserves school supplies and has the right to a quality education regardless of their family’s income or racial/ethnic identity.

Our ultimate goal is to level the playing field so every child has access to the tools that allow them to achieve academic success and feel confident. The program delivery model achieves additional goals through community engagement and by keeping supplies out of the waste stream.


With the community’s support, Schoolhouse Supplies has distributed $30M in free school supplies and benefited hundreds of thousands of children.  We partner with many local businesses to sponsor programs, host supply drives and involve employees as volunteers (100,000 hours and counting.)  Thousands of individuals donate time, dollars, and new and gently used products to support local students.


Programs include the Free Store for Teachers, the Tools for Schools backpack program, and other initiatives serving students in over 75 school districts.

The Celebrity Spelling Bee is Schoolhouse Supplies’ annual benefit gala, which brings the community of supporters together to raise the funds necessary to provide free school supplies to students in need.

Schoolhouse Supplies Online provides families at participating schools the opportunity to save time and resources by purchasing complete school supply kits online. Revenue generated from this program supports the Free Store and general operations.