How is Schoolhouse Supplies funded?
Schoolhouse Supplies is funded through the generous donations of individuals, corporate and private foundations, and fundraising events and programs. Our annual signature fundraising event, the Celebrity Spelling Bee. Other key seasonal fundraising programs include our Stock our Shelves campaign (fall and spring), KGW Supply Drive (August), and our annual end-of-year campaign (November/December).

Where does Schoolhouse Supplies get the product to stock the Free Store?
Many of the items used to stock our Free Store are surplus items from national and local area businesses and corporations. Other businesses donate excess gently-used office supplies that are no longer useful for their purposes, to be recycled into local classrooms and schools. Local businesses and individuals also collect new supplies for our store through supply drives. Our largest drive of the year is the KGW School Supply Drive, which runs August 1 through Labor Day.

What items are most needed?
We are always in need of basic school supplies such as pencils, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, paper, notebooks and pencil sharpeners.

Are there any items that Schoolhouse Supplies does not accept?
Schoolhouse Supplies does not accept computers and furniture or appliances that are too large to fit in a teacher’s car. We maintain a complete list of items we do not accept.

Can businesses claim a tax deduction when they donate?
In most cases, a business or individual can claim donations as charitable contributions. Each donor should rely on the specific advice of their tax advisors.

Does Schoolhouse Supplies provide pick-up service for donations?
It is helpful when donors arrange for delivery to our store to ensure our team is available to support your drop-off. We accept donations Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. If you are unable to deliver your donation, we can arrange a pick-up for local businesses with the help of our Pick Up Partner program (volunteers pick up donations in exchange for a shopping voucher). You can schedule a donation pick-up using our online request form.

What is the average value of merchandise received from each shopping trip?
Most teachers receive hundreds of dollars worth of supplies each time they visit Schoolhouse Supplies!

Are there any limits for shoppers?
Specific items are limited to ensure that the merchandise is fairly distributed to all schools and their students. Those items are clearly marked with the maximum quantities allowed.