A Mission Moment; The Power of Partners

61326_742041119139252_2004462591_nThere’s a lot of good that comes out of partnerships. Think Ben & Jerry. How about Jobs and Wozniak? Or Batman and Robin? But you know, it doesn’t take ice cream or fancy computers to make a difference. All you really need is like-minded individuals putting their ideas and passions together to achieve something unique.

At our core, Schoolhouse Supplies is about partnerships. It’s how we’re able to get things done, and ensure that no child in our community it without the tools they need to succeed. We greatly value all of our partnerships, and we love telling you their stories.

PEMCO Insurance has always been a strong supporter of teachers, and subsequently our work at Schoolhouse Supplies. 

IMAG6489-2 copyTo show their gratitude for teachers everywhere, PEMCO teamed up with us to launch the Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes. Held this past spring and fall season, the sweepstakes allowed teachers to receive $500 worth of free school supplies to supplement their classrooms’ needs for the 2013-14 school year. Here’s how it worked; Both sweepstake periods  lasted for four weeks. Teachers could enter once daily at SHSteacherappreciation.com during the four week period for their chance to win a weekly drawing. But PEMCO didn’t just stop there, they decided that every time a teacher simply entered the sweepstakes, they would donate $5 to Schoolhouse Supplies to help stock our shelves at the Free Store for Teachers. In total, 8 winning teachers received $500 worth of credit towards supplies they needed.

One of these winners was Molly Renauer. As an art teacher at Mt. Tabor Middle School, Renauer was faced with the daily reality of significant cuts being made to her department, and potentially the entirety of it. But thanks in part to the Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes, Renauer’s students were able to create an array of paintings, a claymation video, and even their school’s peace mural. For Molly Renauer, this event meant more than simply providing art supplies. It was about demonstrating the lasting value of the arts in our classrooms, and—more importantly—about igniting the inner creativity of every child.IMG_0026 copy

Now, we could end this blog post by talking about how even just one partnership can have a tremendous impact in our community. But, we’ll let the email we just recently received from Molly do that for us;

“It is so refreshing to know a community-oriented company that is so vested in the needs of schools… We teachers are very grateful for Schoolhouse Supplies and rely heavily on them to fill the supply needs (of) our students… My students and I are humbly grateful for PEMCO and Schoolhouse Supplies!  Thank you!”

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