A Day in the Classroom

20131203_102227By: Cheryl Larson, Communications Manager at Schoolhouse Supplies

On #GivingTuesday, I spent the morning in Mrs. Campbell’s second-grade class at Scott School. I was there to work with Mrs. Campbell on a small video project for Schoolhouse Supplies. Mrs. Campbell is a familiar face at the Free Store for Teachers regularly picking up supplies, networking with her peers, and even volunteering in the summer.

On this particular morning, Mrs. Campbell made her way through a vocabulary lesson, writing assignment, and art project – a pop-up card project made with paper from the Free Store for Teachers – all with the greatest of ease. As our videographer captured images of the children working, I began to feel like a third wheel so I offered the children my assistance with their crafting endeavors. After all, I used to teach a parent-led art class at my son’s elementary school—I could handle this right?20131203_095925

To be in a seasoned teacher’s classroom, volunteering proved to be an amazing and humbling experience. Mrs. Campbell spoke to each student, no matter how surly, squirmy or silly they were with total respect. She even navigated back and forth from English to Spanish while speaking to some of her students so they could not only better comprehend the assignment, but also feel more connected with the class as a whole.

As I worked with a handful of students, I would ask them questions such as, “Do you like school?” and “What’s your favorite subject?” I was doing my best to connect with them, but all they wanted to tell me was that, “Mrs. Campbell is amazing,” “Mrs. Campbell does really fun projects,” and “Mrs. Campbell is the best.” The accolades went on and on, and frankly I wasn’t surprised.20131203_102118 updated

At the end of my morning in this energetic classroom at Scott School, I left with the impression that these students were highly engaged, cared a great deal about their work, and all held Mrs. Campbell in a high regard.

I’ll admit, I can be a bit of softie, but that classroom and Mrs. Campbell captured my heart. They’re all working hard to be the best they can possibly be. It was not lost on me that this comes from the amazing work being done by one teacher, in one Portland classroom. It made me want to work harder for all of the teachers we serve who are doing amazing things in their classrooms everyday.

What do you remember your teacher doing to engage you as a child? What are your memories of being a student? We here at Schoolhouse Supplies would love to hear your stories and memories.

Everyday in our community, hundreds of children walk to school without the adequate tools they need to be successful and receive an education. That’s why at Schoolhouse Supplies we’re committed to serving classrooms in need by operating a volunteer-run Free Store for Teachers stocked with supplies donated by the community. This holiday season, our goal is to raise $10,000 to ensure that every child receives a quality education regardless of circumstance. Help us help the children of Portland. Find us in the Willamette Week Give!Guide under “Education” to donate today.

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