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It’s letter writing day in Ms. Trowbridge’s 1st Grade classroom at East Portland’s Hartley Elementary School. Students’ smiles fill the classroom as they choose special paper, envelopes and pencils provided by Schoolhouse Supplies. “When I saw the envelopes and other supplies at the Free Store for Teachers I was inspired by an idea to get my students excited about writing and it worked!  My students love to write letters to each other,” Ms. Trowbridge told us. Children in her class write about their day, their favorite things and maybe a secret or two. 

Ms. Trowbridge makes learning fun and real. With Schoolhouse Supplies’ help, she is encouraging her students to love learning by giving them the chance to develop a life skill they can apply in the real world in meaningful ways.

You can see these skills in action every day in hundreds of local classrooms. Madeline, a first grade student in Portland, recently wrote about how she is using the supplies her teacher received from Schoolhouse Supplies: 

YOUR support helps create these opportunities. Opportunities that start with a teacher walking through the aisles of the Free Store for Teachers and getting inspired. And when a teacher like Ms. Trowbridge is inspired, dozens of young students are too. Schoolhouse Supplies creates opportunities for dozens of teachers and hundreds of students – every day.

You can help Schoolhouse Supplies provide classrooms with the tools that encourage students like Ms. Trowbridge’s first graders to learn, grow and dream about their futures.

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