Calling all Word Nerds : #STINGER14

January 4, 2014

Your Chance to Win!


Round One Word Nerd
Acacia Blackwell

We know you’re out there—you fancy yourself a good (ex•traor•din•ar•y) speller. You muse about that day when everyone knows what you already know—that you can spell anything. Maybe you are one of those people who have shared (re•peat•ed•ly) the details of your big win in the sixth grade spelling bee?

Well here’s your chance for spelling glory! Join us for the PEMCO Insurance STINGER Spell-Off, a rapid-fire, ad-hoc spelling bee. (more…)

Sneak Peek: Celebrities

January 3, 2014

What’s the best part about the OnPoint Community Credit Union Spelling Bee, presented by Comcast? Why, the celebrities of course! Here’s our lineup so far: Moderator Mary Mc-Donald Lewis, Frau Pech, GRIMM Judges Pamela Smith Hill, Young Adult Writer Will… Read more »