Learning About Community: The Portland Montessori Book Drive

February 28, 2013
Book-drive-postOver the 2012 holiday season, local community member and Portland Montessori School parent Jenny Kim brought her family out to Schoolhouse Supplies to volunteer to sort and count books and markers at our Free Store for Teachers. This unique experience led Jenny to help organize a book drive at Portland Montessori School to benefit the bookshelves Schoolhouse Supplies. The project resulted in more than 250 books donated directly to classrooms in need!

“My daughters, Ella (age 6) and Mia (age 4), my nephew Chan-woo (age 14) and I had a blast testing, counting and bundling markers and pens at Schoolhouse Supplies,” said Jenny.  “I had been looking for opportunities to introduce my young kids to the importance of community involvement, and the Schoolhouse Supplies staff made it a very engaging and fun experience for the kids. We were amazed at the types of items Schoolhouse Supplies collects and supplies to the local schools and marveled at all the books on the shelves waiting to be picked up by teachers.  We would like to continue to do our share to support their efforts and provide more books and supplies to even more children and schools.”

Bookdrive-Portland-MontessoriJenny took this idea of involvement back to her school where over the month of January Portland Montessori School students had the opportunity to learn about community and the importance of giving through a book drive.

“Our school creates opportunities for families to volunteer alongside their young child each month.  When we partnered with Schoolhouse Supplies in our recent book drive, it was a HUGE hit.  Children were able to learn about sharing books they love with another child who may not have one,” remarked Amy Williams, Enrichment Director at Portland Montessori.  “This concept was new for many of our young children and gave the families an opportunity to teach about the greater community.  We gathered to count books one afternoon.  There was so much pride in stacking and counting the books and talking about our favorites.  ‘Wonder which one a teacher will pick to share in her classroom?’   ‘Look at all these books!!  We have so many!  The teachers will be so happy!'”

Those donated books will indeed make teachers happy as they cycle directly back into classrooms through shopping carts at our Free Store for Teachers. More than 350,000 books have made their way into area schools since Schoolhouse Supplies opened in 1999.

We’d like to thank all the Portland Montessori School kids and parents who participated in the book drive and especially Jenny and her family for helping start this great partnership.  If you or your school would like to learn more about getting involved with Schoolhouse Supplies and our volunteer opportunities, contact us today at 503-249-9933 or