Local Supporter Spotlight: Don Lee of Nomad Brush Inspires Creative Learning in Local Classrooms

September 27, 2012

By Don Lee, Nomad Brush

A few months ago, we were introduced to Schoolhouse Supplies through a fellow parent in our community.  As a small business based here in Portland – my wife and are co-founders of Nomad Brush, we are passionate about inspiring and facilitating the creative process for artists of all ages.  We are also new PPS parents- our oldest son started First grade this month, so our eyes are opening up to the  rising need in our community for supporting arts and education. (Did you know, for example, that  according to the Creative Advocacy Network, 81% of local Portland public elementary school students have never received certified instruction in art?).

So we decided to step up and do our part. Last month, we hosted a  Digital Art Workshop at the Art Institute of Portland, and hosted an art supply collection drive among attendees. Seeing the bin full of crayons, notebooks, and paper we’d collected was a great start, we knew, but as we’d blogged about this summer in “Why The Art Shelves Are Empty,” art supplies are always in high-demand at the Free Store, so we knew we wanted to do more to help local teachers start off the school year armed with as many tools as possible.
So in honor of Keep Kids Creative Week, we decided to reach out to one of our favorite local art retailers, Muse Art & Design to help us source a collection of paintbrushes, acrylic, tempura, and watercolor paints, crayons, and construction paper, to help jump-start the school season.  We have also donated a supply of Nomad Brush collection for local teachers who are fortunate enough to have access to iPads or other tablet devices in their classrooms (more…)