What We Do Not Accept

May 13, 2020:We have made changes to our product donation process due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Learn more and schedule a drop-off here. Scroll down for a list of products we can not accept.

What We DoNOT Take




Some things are just not meant for Schoolhouse Supplies or classrooms. Please find creative ways to reuse or recycle these items at home or donate them to another reuse organization.


Schoolhouse Supplies can never accept the following materials:

  • Rolodexes
  • Furniture
  • Binding Materials
  • Computers and printers
  • Technology accessories and peripherals
  • VHS, records, cassette tapes
  • Adding machines
  • Letterhead or stationery with printing on it
  • Text books or encyclopedia sets
  • Outdated teaching materials / workbooks / dittos / photocopies
  • Homemade materials/curriculum
  • Romance novels

Other Donation Resources

Have an item to donate that we do not accept? Consider these other green resource partners: SCRAP, Free Geek, Community Warehouse, and Metro.