How to Donate


Schoolhouse Supplies collects new and reusable school, office, and art supplies, as well as books, games and other learning materials suitable for classrooms. Please follow these steps when making a donation to Schoolhouse Supplies:

1.)  Make sure we accept what you have. Check out the lists of ITEMS WE ACCEPT and ITEMS WE DON’T ACCEPT.

2.)  Organize your donation in a bag or small boxes that are easy to carry that you will leave with us. Please ensure the items are clean and in good condition, suitable for a classroom. Musty, dirty or unusable items will not be accepted.

3.)  Bring your materials during our donation hours: Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (or by appointment)

4.)  We will give you a tax receipt for your records and a tour of the Free Store if you’re interested!


Are you a teacher cleaning out your classroom? We would love to give some of your supplies a new life in another classroom. We have guidelines for what we can and cannot use. Please review our classroom clean out guidelines. You can view them here: Classroom Clean Out Donation Guidelines. (PDF)