Tools for Schools 2015

TFS_web_CS4Sponsor a School in Need

Join the effort that has put more than 114,000 backpacks in the hands of students in need throughout our community over the past decade. Help level the playing field for every child and support an entire year of learning. Tools for Schools is much more than just a financial contribution, it’s a tangible opportunity to support local schools and connect directly with the community.

Participating sponsors provide backpacks filled with essential supplies for each student in a local school where 65% or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

In addition to the financial support you provide, your company will have two meaningful volunteer experiences:

SUMMER 2015:
Your employees pack backpacks at Pack-a-Palooza, a friendly competition with fellow sponsors. Your team will be timed to see who can pack the fastest. This event is fun and action-packed and can support up to 20 members of your staff.

Your employees will hand out backpacks to students at your sponsored school during the first week of class. This can be a high-impact engagement that provides a deep connection for your staff.

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring backpacks full of supplies for a school please contact us.

Sponsorship Opportunities

 School % Free Lunch  Sponsor
 Arleta 61 Sponsored by New York Life
Boise-Eliot 83 Sponsored by Chase Bank Ideba Marketing
Bridger 59 Sponsored by Terwilliger Plaza & Smith CFI
César Chávez 77 Sponsored by Comcast
Creston 65 Sponsored by Vernier Software & Technology
Faubion 77 Sponsored by Comcast
Grout 65 Partially Sponsored by TMT Development &
Harrison Park 85 Sponsored by New York Life
James John 80 Sponsored by Wells Fargo
Kelly 81 Sponsored by Kuni Lexis of Portland
King 89 Sponsored by CenturyLink
Lee 76 Sponsored by Moda Health
Lent 84 Sponsored by PGE & Partially Sponsored by Kuni Lexis of Portland
Marysville 80 Partially Sponsored by Sussman Shank & Umpqua Bank
Peninsula 66 Sponsored by Webtrends
Rigler 86 Sponsored by Moda Health
Rosa Parks 95 Sponsored by Pacific Power Foundation & adidas
Scott (K-8) 84 Sponsored by PacificSource
Sitton 85 Sponsored by NW Natural
Vestal 74 Sponsored by Unitus Community Credit Union
Whitman 86 Sponsored by FamilyCare Health
Woodlawn (K-8) 84 Sponsored by Salesforce
Woodmere 85  Sponsored by The Standard & Tripwire

Available sponsorships range from $3,000 – $10,000. Please contact us for more details on supporting a year of learning for a school in need.