Why Donate?

Schoolhouse Supplies began in 1999 with the vision of one individual, and one simple belief: that all children deserve school supplies and have the right to quality public education. Over fifteen years later, we still believe in the power of the individual to make lasting change in our community.

Whether through a personal gift, workplace giving,  or through your business’ sponsorship or grant support, your gift today will have a direct impact in our community and in the lives of children, families and teachers we serve—helping us to provide students with the tools they need and deserve to learn and achieve, and keeping local classrooms stocked for success. More than 90% of all donations support our core programs, the Free Store for Teachers and Tools for Schools. Your dollars go straight to where they’re needed most, to teachers and children throughout Portland.

Individual Giving

The Schoolhouse Supplies team works throughout the year to ensure that teachers and students have access to the supplies they need to teach and learn. Our Free Store for Teachers is open September – May, and our Tools for Schools program ensures that Portland’s highest-need schools have the tools they need to start the year off strong. Every day of the year is the right day to make a difference. Consider becoming a Monthly Sustainer to maximize your impact.

Contribute Today!