Partner Spotlight

FamilyCare Music Education Initiative (6/30/2016) - This Spring, fifty schools in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties were selected based on need to participate in the FamilyCare Music Education Initiative in partnership with Schoolhouse Supplies. These schools are receiving a generous selection of musical instruments to further... Read more »
Bank of America Continues Its Generous Support of Free Store Art Aisle (6/16/2016) - Monique Barton, Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and Jessica Hewitt, Vice President at Bank of America, present Schoolhouse Supplies with a $15,000 grant for the Free Store for Teachers Art Aisle Schoolhouse Supplies is pleased to announce that... Read more »
PEMCO Insurance Special Shopping Opportunities a Success (4/9/2016) - Thanks to the generosity of PEMCO Insurance, Schoolhouse Supplies offered two unique shopping opportunities to Portland teachers on April 8 and 9. First, a pilot version of a “Mobile Free Store for Teachers” traveled to Lane Middle School in Southeast Portland.... Read more »
Mobile Store Pilot Ready to Roll (3/22/2016) - Last Fall, with generous support from PEMCO Insurance, Schoolhouse Supplies was able to pilot a “Mobile Free Store for Teachers” which traveled to Sitton and James John Elementary Schools. We learned a lot on that sunny day in November and... Read more »
Saturday Shopping is Scheduled! (3/3/2016) - PPS K-12 classroom teachers once again have the opportunity to visit the Free Store for Teachers on a Saturday – April 9, 2016 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, thanks to our partners at PEMCO Insurance. PEMCO Saturday Shopping days in... Read more »
New Seasons Bag It Forward Program: Vote to make your reusable bag credit count in local classrooms! (1/14/2016) - Starting February 8th, New Seasons Market will give customers the opportunity to donate their reusable bag credits (5¢ each) to three different non-profit organizations through its new Bag It Forward program. How will the four Bag It Forward beneficiaries be... Read more »
Pilot Program Introduces “Calming Kits” for Counselors and Classrooms (11/4/2015) - Over the past few years, Schoolhouse Supplies has been honored to partner with local volunteer Kimberly Wuepper Rudick of the Greater Oregon General Office of New York Life Insurance.  Kimberly’s efforts to champion our work have included hands-on volunteering with... Read more »
Umpqua “Mystery Presentation” (3/13/2015) - When an invite to an “Umpqua Mystery Presentation” appeared on our calendars this week, we couldn’t imagine what it might be…well except maybe ice cream—we all love the Umpqua ice cream truck, yes?! Imagine our surprise when  one of our... Read more »
Partner Spotlight: PEMCO Insurance (12/9/2014) - We are very thankful for all of our partners’ dedication to teachers and Schoolhouse Supplies. One such parter is PEMCO Insurance. They have been supporting educators and Schoolhouse Supplies for years. PEMCO’s commitment to teachers stems from Robert J. Handy,
Powell’s is Giving Big! (11/20/2014) - We have a special place in our hearts for Powell’s Books. They have been a generous supporter of Schoolhouse Supplies for more than 10 years. Since 2004 the have stopped by our warehouse once a month to deliver an average of three to... Read more »